"How does this work, anyway?"
No one teaches you how to work with creatives.  Creatives aren't even taught how to work with creatives! 
Not to worry!
Clients tell me I'm easy to work with - probably because I incorporate best practices honed over 20 years as a designer.
In fact, acclaimed designer Bonnie Siegler wrote a book on how to optimize client/design relationships. It's called Dear Client and I agree with nearly everything in it.

1. Let designers design. To paraphrase Bonnie, ask if something can feel sunnier instead of telling us to make it yellow.  As Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 
2. Design by committee yields disjointed, unremarkable results. Case in point: twelve publishers rejected the Harry Potter manuscript based on consensus. The thirteenth considered it independently. You know the rest.
3. A single, direct point of contact is ideal. Creative feedback is already tricky to communicate. Playing "Telephone" adds unnecessary complexity, especially if more than one person is giving the designer feedback.

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